Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

First let me explain.

Last year was a little wacky around December time. When it was all said and done, my kids opened presents at three different locations. I am not saying this to complain but to explain the "wearing a different outfit but still opening more presents" pictures. Yes, I had hopes to raise children who would function in this world but clearly all is lost now.

We had Christmas Eve Eve at Nini and Pappy's, Christmas Eve at Mema's, and Christmas morning at our own house.

How to start Christmas Eve Eve right?

1. throw in some cute kids (extra points for a tie)

2. Add a newlywed Auntie and Uncle

3. A sprinkling of grandpa

4. And the piece de resistance, the rest of the gang all showered and looking good
(Shelby already has her Christmas game face on... "Preeeseeennntzzzz")

Johnny Manziel's Number! 
Please note: this is the last time you will see this shirt clean and NOT on his body.

Matching doll PJs! Apparently they sell them in mom sizes too. They don't include that in the mail out catalogue because the last thing anyone wants to do is have a throw down about matching pjs with their daughter. NOT a client builder. It IS on the website however. I guess they figure by the time your kid can navigate the web the mommy/daughter pj-fest desires have died along with the image of your dad as the strongest man in the world and the idea that your mommy looks pretty in the mornings.

Oh good! A book that plays a song! The same song! Over and over!

Had I only known that I would be waking up to the sound of dice for weeks to come...

I think his muscles look bigger in that shirt. Definitely!

I guess I'll put my doll in the matching pj's (since my mother doesn't really love me)

Christmas Eve at Mema's
Shelby finds her doppelganger.

Goodie! More music for the one year old!

Wyatt gets his first real bike! Mema rocks!

Actual Christmas Morning (yes. the parents are flagging but the kids are going strong.)

Rapunzel Barbie. 
Every girl mom reading this just suppressed a shudder. We all know five days from now with all that hair she's gonna look more like Meth Barbie (sold in the shady alleyway behind ToysRus)

Only in Texas...

His face is the caption.

Sorry Walker. I didn't think through the consequences of this particular gift.
And, no Christmas photo montage would be complete without the yearly dog carnage. Moose, for some inexplicable reason, bumped the lid off a rubbermaid container full of packed ornaments and opted to chew up a few. Good thing he only got the Christopher Radko ones.

He might have napped for part of Christmas morning but he woke up ready to dominate the karaoke machine! Not afraid to fight for his spot in the family limelight.

2012 was a smashing success! 
Bring on 2013!

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